File Paths used on Nine Chronicles

This is a non-exhaustive list of the file paths used on Nine Chronicles. Please consult the related documentation for its role and structure. The order doesn’t signify the importance or the priority.

Log files

Path Used for Note
%appdata%\Nine Chronicles\logs\main.log Launcher The main process log of the Launcher
%appdata%\Nine Chronicles\logs\renderer.log Launcher The UI process log of the Launcher
%localappdata%\Unity\Editor\Editor.log Game (in dev) The Game log, when launched from the editor
%USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\Planetarium\9c\Player.log Game The log of the game itself.
%localappdata%\Programs\Nine Chronicles\Logs\launcher.log Installer


See also: The Structure and Location of config.json

Configuration Type Path
Local Configuration %LOCALAPPDATA%\Programs\Nine Chronicles\resources\app
User Configuration %APPDATA%\Nine Chronicles\config.json

Game Settings

Platform Path
Windows HKCU\Software\Planetarium\9c (Registry)
macOS ~/Library/Preferences/com.Planetarium.NineChronicles.plist
Linux ~/.config/unity3d/Planetarium/9c

The format may vary depending on the platform you’re using. Consult PlayerPrefs documentation of Unity for details on the format.


See also: About the Key Store

Platform Path
Windows %appdata%\planetarium\keystore
macOS ~/.config/planetarium/keystore or
~/Library/Application Support/planetarium/keystore
Linux ~/config/planetarium/keystore

Blockchain Store

Platform Path
Windows %localappdata%\planetarium\
macOS ~/.local/share/planetarium
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