About the Key Store

:bulb: This article was written based on Libplanet version 0.41.0.

In order to play the Nine Chronicles, you need a Private Key[1] to participate in the blockchain network.
If you’ve already played the Nine Chronicles, that means you already have a Private Key.
The Key Store stores it as a Protected Private Key[2].


The default path of the Key Store is determined this way.

  • Windows
    • %appdata%\planetarium\keystore\
  • Mac
    • ~/.config/planetarium/keystore/ or
    • ~/Library/Application Support/planetarium/keystore/
  • Linux
    • ~/planetarium/keystore/ or
    • ~/.config/planetarium/keystore/

  1. A key required to sign a transaction.(code) ↩︎

  2. An encrypted file of the private key.(code) ↩︎

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