[Unity] State Viewer

Hello, everyone. I’d like to introduce a tool for those developing Nine Chronicles with the Unity Engine.

:bulb: This article is based on this code.

State Viewer

We already had a State Viewer in Unity, and we’ve enhanced it. You can now view and manipulate statuses more specifically in Unity Play Mode.

How to open

This tool can be opened with the Tools/Lib9c/State Viewer menu.

How to use

:warning: This feature is only available in play mode.

  • Test Values toggle(non-play mode only): Toggle the test values.


From here, you can search for a specific state via address. You can also manipulate all state values, although this is still under development.

  • Address search field: Type the address of the state you want to view and press Enter.
  • State tree view
    • Key/Index: The key or index of state. It is a key when the state is an element of a dictionary and it is an index when the state is an element of a list.
    • Alias: An alias of the key. If the key has an alias, this column filled.
    • ValueKind: A kind of Bencodex.Types.ValueKind type.
    • Value: A json encoded value which type is IValue.
    • (WIP)Add/Edit
    • (WIP)Remove
  • (WIP)Save button: Save the manipulated states to blockchain store.


Multiple balances based on the address entered above can also be viewed or manipulated. The UI/UX will be further improved.


:warning: Once again, this is a development-only feature.

Prepare clo.json

Here is the sample code.

  "NoMiner": false,
  "RpcClient": false,
  "Development": true

Start play mode

Please wait until the Agent is initialized.

State Viewer does not work before agent sign-in.

As shown above, the State Viewer is ready to use.

Prepare address

You can use the Address Tool to get the address you want, see this article on how to do that.
I use 0x9723f230A20372564c50d63403223e83549a477f which is an avatar placed in index 0.

View and manipulate state

As shown above, the state viewer works cool.
Let’s manipulate the action point from 120 to 5.

Click the Edit button.

Now we can edit the value.

Set the value to 5. And click the Save button beside of the field.

Finally, click the Save button below the state tree view.

Clicking the Save button create a transaction that contains the ManipulateState action and display the text Verifying transaction... in the lower left corner of the game screen.

When the ManipulateState action(transaction) finished(minded and rendered), a notification will appear in the center of the game screen, and you will see that the action point have actually changed to 5.

View and manipulate balance

When you enter an address, as in the state manipulation above, you can see the NCG and CRYSTAL stored at that address. The NCG and CRYSTAL are stored at the agent address.

Edit the balance you want to manipulate and click the Save button.

The reason the resulting balance is 10 larger is because it reflects the 10 earned as a mining reward.


Throughout the development of Nine Chronicles, the need for state manipulation has been a consistent theme.
We hope this State Viewer will make your development experience more comfotable.

Please note that the State Viewer is still under development and contains bugs. We’ll be back soon with better completeness and UX.

Thank you.