[Unity] Address Tool

Hello, everyone. Iā€™d like to introduce a tool for those developing Nine Chronicles with the Unity Engine.

:bulb: This article is based on this code.

Address Tool

The Address Tool is a tool that derives the address value where state is stored.

How to open

This tool can be opened with the Tools/Lib9c/Address Tool menu.

Derive Address

  • Original Address: The source address to derive the address from.
  • Derive Key: The key to use for the derivation.
  • Derived Address: The derived address.

  • Derive button: After entering the Original Address and Derive Key, the Derive button appears.

  • Copy button: You can copy the derived address via the copy button.

Agent Addresses

  • Setup Current Agent button: Autofill the agent address field only in play mode.
  • Agent Address: The agent address you want to derive. Fill it and click the derive button.

  • 0, 1, 2 tab buttons: The avatar index selection tabs.
  • Others: The element and addresses you can expect.
  • Championship Id & Round: You can derive each addresses of arena round.