Playing the Nine Chronicles local network with the Unity editor

:bulb: This article was written based on Nine Chronicles version v100290[1].

This article expects you to read this already and be ready to play Nine Chronicle with the Unity Editor.

How to run a local network

Configure clo.json

  • path: /nekoyume/Assets/StreamingAssets/clo.json

      "GenesisBlockPath": "",
      "NoMiner": false,
      "RpcClient": false

Now, you can run a local network within the Unity editor. Click the :arrow_forward: button.

A few things to note

Blockchain compatibility

The local network blockchain is not compatible with the main network blockchain. Your play data will not be available on the local chain.

Transaction Propagation

The local node without RPC connections doesn’t propagate transactions.

Unity editor mode play

There are many benefits to creating a new character in the Unity editor mode.

  • All stages of the worlds have been cleared.
  • All equipments, materials and costumes already obtained.
  • Additional customization is possible.

Create and use a new genesis block

There is a “GenesisBlockPath” option on clo.json file. Now we’ll create a new genesis block and use it in clo.json.

Create a new genesis block

Without blockchain initialization

  1. Click Tools/Libplanet/Make Genesis Block menu.

  2. Choose path to export the new genesis block.

    It should be in the StreamingAssets folder with the name genesis-block.

  3. Then you can find the genesis-block file in the StreamingAssets folder.

With blockchain initialization

Just click Tools/Libplanet/Delete All(Editor)... menu.

Remove the “GenesisBlockPath” option in clo.json file

If you remove the “GenesisBlockPath” option like below, the initialization logic will load the genesis block from /nekoyume/Assets/StreamingAssets/genesis-block.

  "NoMiner": false,
  "RpcClient": false

Tip: Modify any sheet data

There are many sheet data as csv file. These sheets are applied when creating a new genesis block.
In other words, the sheet data included in the genesis block can be modified.

Modify max amount of action point(a.k.a. AP)

  1. Open GameConfigSheet.csv file.

    path: /nekoyume/Assets/_Scripts/Lib9c/lib9c/Lib9c/TableCSV/GameConfigSheet.csv

    And you can see like below.

  2. Modify the action_point_max value(120) to 200.

  3. Create a new genesis block again.

    Ref here.


So far, I have introduced how to play Nine Chronicles local network in the Unity editor and edit the Genesis block and sheet data.
I’ve introduced the basis for the more complex tasks I use in almost every situation, such as developing and debugging features on a planetarium. Creating a virtual blockchain state and replaying the desired scenario on the client is hugely useful for development.
Now, let’s knead the blockchain with more complex manipulations. Although, of course, it is limited to the local network.:wink:

  1. lib9c:v100290, NineChronicles:v100290 ↩︎

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