How to select filtered inventory items in the Nine Chronicles Unity project

:bulb: This article was written based on Nine Chronicles version v100290[1].


The inventory contains all items for each characters.

The current character’s inventory can be obtained as follows.

var inventory = States.Instance.CurrentAvatarState.inventory;

And the inventory provides some properties.

// All items.
IReadOnlyList<Inventory.Item> items = inventory.Items;

// Each items.
IEnumerable<Consumable> consumables = inventory.Consumables;
IEnumerable<Costume> costumes = inventory.Costumes;
IEnumerable<Equipment> equipments = inventory.Equipments;
IEnumerable<Material> materials = inventory.Materials;

Locked item?

There is the bool Locked property in Inventory.Item. And there is one case this property return true.

  • When an item is registered for sale.

So you can select inventory items without locked items like below.

IEnumerable<Inventory.Item> unlockedInventoryItems =
    inventory.Items.Where(inventoryItem => !inventoryItem.Locked);

Required block index?

Inventory.Item has ItemBase Item field and ItemBase can be casting to ITradableItem depending on the type.
And there is the long RequiredBlockIndex property in ITradableItem. And there are some cases this property updated.

  • Item crafts.
  • Item enhancement.

So you can select the remaining items from the inventory items except those for which RequiredBlockIndex is greater then current block index.

long currentBlockIndex = Game.Game.instance.Agent.BlockIndex;
IEnumerable<Inventory.Item> activeInventoryItems =
        .Select(inventoryItem =>
            (inventoryItem: inventoryItem, itemBase: inventoryItem.item))
        .Where(tuple =>
            tuple.itemBase is ITradableItem tradableItem &&
            tradableItem.RequiredBlockIndex <= currentBlockIndex)
        .Select(tuple => tuple.inventoryItem);


When you retrieve or manipulate items in the game, you may get different values than expected. Whether the design of this is good or bad, I know it will take some learning.
This article was written in the hopes that it will be of some help to such difficulties.
We support your Nine Chronicle journey.:muscle:

  1. lib9c:v100290, NineChronicles:v100290 ↩︎

Thank you, I will take a look and reply you if I have any problem.