About the Redeem Code

What is a redeem code?

While playing Nine Chronicles, you can participate in various events and win rewards. You can receive NCG and in-game currencies such as Crystals but also receive in-game items or costumes. Players can receive items and costumes using redeem codes.

Where can I check my redeem code?

Did you get a notification saying that you received a redeem code? Access the portal and go to Earn > Play. You can find the redeem codes menu at the bottom of the screen.

Here is the sample screenshot of the Redeem codes menu.

How do I use my redeem code?

Copy the redeem code that you want to claim. Paste your code in the game.

Ensure you redeem with the desired character!

First, you have to Login and select an avatar to receive the reward. You can only use the redemption code once per code. If you have multiple avatars, please check again to see if you are connected to the avatar you want to receive the reward. Be sure to redeem with the desired character!

Go to Settings to find the menu where you can enter your redeem code.

Press the Redeem Code button to find the following screen.

I didn’t receive my redeem code

Did you participate in an event but didn’t get your redeem code? Contact us through the Planetarium Discord channel. Click Open Ticket in the #help-request channel of Planetarium discord server(Planetarium).