[WIP] How to submit transaction to the network, using GraphQL

  1. Open web browser (e.g.,Google Chrome) and go to the playground of miner
    miner address: Graphcool Playground

  2. Paste mutation and run

  stageTransaction(payload: "")
  • payload must be encoded as hex-decimal. (we’ll need to write about how to create tx on this post or another one).
  1. Check the progress using below query
    # Are txs still in the stage?
    stagedTxIds(address: "")
    # Check tx nonce has been updated 
    nextTxNonce(address: "")

    # Check tx result
    transactionResult(txId: "")
  • admin account address: 0xa1ef9701F151244F9aA7131639990c4664d2aEeF
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In regards to generating payload, would it possible to request to generate one, maybe a HaS example would be amazing. As it is one of the most basic transactions someone would likely want to send.


there are no arena battle mutation?

  • It seems that there isn’t (at v100291) :cry:
  • I think that we’re planing deprecation action mutation and replacing that with actionTxQuery (or other ways can do) and stageTransaction mutation. therefore, we’ll need to add supports for RankingBattle to actionQuery IMO.

how to get the payload? :grinning:

The payload, mutation.stageTransaction’s payload argument, means signed transaction. So you should make signed transaction. You can use libplanet and lib9c in C# language, or you can reference other post Transfer asset with GraphQL queries.