Survey: Usecases of GraphQL mutation

Hello, Nine Chronicles developers :wave:

I’m preparing the deprecation of GraphQL mutation related to signing and alternatives to sign transactions and actions easily. sphere and lib9c-wasm are them.

And I want to list your GraphQL mutation use cases. It’ll be a good goal while building alternatives.

If you can share them, please leave them as comment :pray: Thank you!

I’ll plan to obsolete the mutations after the use cases became able to be replaced with other solutions. Thank you, for your comments!


Hi Moreal,

Legacy version Chronicles Commander (formerly GQLM), which isn’t being supported anymore but I know a few users are still using, uses the following mutations:
DailyReward, hackAndSlash.

The App has moved to RPC 2 months ago, so at least from my end mutations aren’t required anymore, besides stageTransaction.

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I use mutation to craft and upgrade some items in one click on 8 slots.

(and stageTransaction of course)

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