We'll start the developer forum, as "Prerelease" phase!


As some of you already know, we’ve published the roadmap about Nine Chronicles at the beginning of the year. there are many interesting features such as new world, new staking system and PoS network. and, there was also a developer portal.

Nine Chronicles was developed with the intention of a decentralized multiplayer game using blockchain technology, and is still on that purpose. And we believe that the most important thing to create a decentralized game is that anyone should be able to modify, build and run the game themselves if they want. [1]

Forum over Portal

“9C Developer Portal” had been proposed to support 9c developers. for the same purpose, we also organized “Developer Team”. but in team meetings, we’ve realized that it’s huge work that collecting material, publishing writings and maintaining them so that it doesn’t get outdated. [2]

Also, in the process of discussing this, We realized that our team didn’t know too much about the developer community. It is important to select a reader to find a good writing, but it was not an easy task when you were not sure what the reader wanted.

To address them, “forum for developers” has been proposed. we hoped that this would not only give us an idea of what the developers in the community wanted, but also prevent the material from becoming outdated through their actions.

Yeah, this is why you and I are here together :sweat_smile: .


The decision to turn to the forum itself was not a big deal, as what was ultimately needed for Nine Chronicle to be a decentralized game was the participation of developers, not a portal. but even if we start as a forum, we still don’t know what existing or potential developers want. even if we were to create a forum, we needed a minimum of data as a motive for people to gather, but we wandered without finding a direction to prepare.

What our team finally came up with is, the strategy like a sort of stone soup. If it’s a problem because we don’t know what to organize anyway, we’ll simplify the preparation process and get the community’s opinion.

We suppose the “Prerelease” phase as a period of looking at the minimum materials we have prepared and receiving feedback from the community on what is useful and what isn’t, and what additional materials are needed.

Next steps

First of all, based on the materials(#docs) we have written, we will collect a lot of feedback from our readers. specifically, it consists of the following elements:

  • Page Views
  • Reply
  • Likes

In addition, we plan to collect requests and Q&A for articles that have not yet been written. they will be received without categories in #discussions during the Prerelease period, but can be further subdivided as needed.

Of course, any other feedbacks are welcome! if you have any suggestion or questions, feel free to write down them on #site-feedback .

  1. It may be a long story, so we’ll re-address it later. ↩︎

  2. Of course, there are a lot of teams that do it really well, so it’s not impossible. However, it was not easy compared to the pattern we used to make Nine Chronicles. ↩︎