How to get mainnet's blockchain store(w/ Unity Tools)

Okay… honestly, there are many situations where we need a blockchain store on the mainnet.
Every time that happens, I ask questions like “How do I get it?” and “Where do I get it?”
Now, let’s not worry about this and just run Unity. And after a few clicks, let’s forget about it for an hour. I’ll explain the simple process below.

Don’t have Unity?

There is the easiest article and you will have Unity.

Didn’t you clone NineChronicles repo?

You can follow this part.

Is this the first time to use Unity?

Here is the guide.

NineChronicles(Unity) Tools Menu

All right. There is the Tools menu in Unity menu. And you can find “Tools/Store/Download and Extract Main-net Store” menu. Click it!

And you’ll encounter scary popup message. Click “Yes”!

Select the folder that you want to download and extract store.

And… waiting with a cup of coffee.:coffee::coffee:
And… walking is good to you.:walking_man::man_walking::walking_woman:

I’ll continue writing this article after the above job is end.:coffee:
And… oh, unzipping. I need more coffee…:coffee:

After unzip is end, the final popup ask you that want you to delete the downloaded zip file.

I choose “No” because I don’t know if I will ever need it again.

Finally you can see the path of the downloaded zip file and path of the blockchain store that you selected in Unity console.

That’s it! Thank you for following this article. Have fun!

Frankly, this method takes too long.

It is faster to decide which mainnet blockchain store snapshot to receive by referring to this article, download it quickly and reliably using an FTP client (e.g., FileZilla), and use a separate decompression program.